Introducing PATER

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The railway management expert software named "PATER" is a co-operative product of MÁV Central Rail and Track Inspection Ltd., Axis Consulting 2000 Ltd. and Printer-fair Ltd. According to the aggreement signed in 2009 by the three companies, MÁV Ltd’s professional knowledge of railway technology, know-how and business intelligence is the core of the development. The specialists and programmers of Axis are developing the software with the latest Microsoft© technologies (.NET Framework, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation). The marketing tasks and the product support is done by Printer-fair Ltd.

Goals of PATER

The idea of an ideal expert system is many years old. During the time of the research and development, it became clear that the goals to achieve with the use of such a system are:

  • assistance in registration of updated technical data
  • up-to-date measure database
  • graphical representation of measure data
  • helps to determine and plan track speed limits
  • assistance in scheduling track maintenance works

Advantages and benefits

One can use many computer software to ease the work when computing and calculating technical parameters, expenses or other measurements. With the use of PATER you need no more individual software. With its intergated services, PATER can help you to

  • Increase safety in track operation
  • Optimize expenses of maintenance
  • Trace track deterioration process
  • Plan maintenance work in advance
  • Get more reasonable and economical track operation